1-14 UN Threaded Shotgun Muzzle Brakes are here… and they work as secondary brake on TMULC, MULCs!!

Yes, they are finally here!  The 1-14 Threaded Shotgun Muzzle brakes along with the 15/16-32 thread for the KELTEC KSG12 and M22-0.75 metric thread for the SAIGA and VEPR 12s!!!  We are offering the 1-14 Choke Tube Adapter and the Shotgun Muzzle Brakes in a reduced price package.  These 1-14 threaded Shotgun Brakes serve double duty!  They will thread on to existing 1-14 TMULC and MULC brakes as a secondary Recoil Reduction Device!  That’s right!  Thread them on the TMULC and MULC RIFLE muzzle brakes for even MORE BRAKING ACTION!!

Summer is almost here.  It is time to get out and get some!!!


Coming in May: Our 1-14 Shotgun Choke Muzzle Brake Adapter (and 2 new Shotgun Muzzle Brakes)!!!

All forthcoming 1-14 Shotgun Muzzle Brakes will work on the MULC or TMULC Muzzle Brakes as secondary brakes.  The MULC or TMULC shrouds will work on the Choke Tube Adapter for CQB and low side concussion!  A fully interchangeable system!  Get the most bank for your buck!!!